Trials of Fire Tips And Tricks

Trials of Fire is a pretty unique game that combines both roguelike card mechanics and tactics-based play. You’ll be trying your best to keep your heroes alive, as they traipse across a deadly wilderness on their quest. As with most roguelikes, Trials of Fire is literally a case of a *trial* and error, as you learn how best to combine cards, and balance investing your resources into survival or upgrades. But who says that means you can’t skip a step or two? 

Trials of Fire Tips and Tricks

Whether we’re talking about tactics or managing your deck, our list of Trials of Fire tips and tricks is a great way to get started with the challenging roguelike.

Pick your battles

This advice will be familiar to most roguelike fans, but it’s important nonetheless. When you first drop into the world and are surrounded by side quests and points of interest, it’s very tempting to try and do all of them and reap every reward. But roguelikes are inherently attritional, and Trials of Fire is no different.

You need to battle in order to level up, earn obsidian, and powerful equipment, but it’s vital to remember that the hardest battle is waiting at your next quest marker. Anything that weakens you before that confrontation is counterproductive, and only increases the likelihood of you getting killed. This is why choosing when to fight is how to win.

Focus on individual enemies

This might sound obvious, but in Trials of Fire, cards are linked to individuals, therefore killing them immediately removes those cards from play, as well as the potential mana and armor that an enemy could gain from discarding them. This is especially vital. as in Trials of Fire you often find yourself outnumbered by opponents, and the only way to even the board is to quickly focus down on them.

There are some great tools for accomplishing this, such as Combo Strikes, which let characters adjacent to an enemy strike for free when one of your heroes attacks. Using choke points so only one enemy can attack at a time is also useful. A straight up slogging match against an opponent with more cards and attack potential is always going to cost you dearly, so killing enemies is the quickest way to level that playing field.

Get ready

Most synergies in Trials of Fire revolve around playing cards with extended effects. These might give you armour at the start of every turn, or boost the damage of magic, melee, or ranged attacks. If possible it’s always better to begin playing these at the start of a battle, cultivating those synergies, while letting your opponents waste their mana closing the gap.

That said, not every battle is the same, and if inaction puts you in a compromising position it’s always better to move. But most often you have a brief period of peace at the start of a battle where you can start to get those buffs rolling.

Never *just* rest

Camping is an important part of Trials of Fire that restores health, but also gives you space to tweak your deck, upgrade equipment, and heal injuries. Resting in your camp consumes food and restores health whatever you do, so it’s better to never waste an opportunity for a deck change. With this in mind it’s also worth buying upgrade materials when you can.

It’s easy to panic and spend all of your money on food, but despite appearances, there are plenty of villages scattered across the map where you can always get more. What’s worse is arriving at a boss battle and realising you’re not powerful enough, and should have invested more in upgrades.

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