The Fermi Paradox

Guide the fate of the cosmos in The Fermi Paradox

One of the many attempts to explain The Fermi Paradox—that is, an actual theory that sought to point out why our planet hasn’t been graced by the presence of extraterrestrials beings—is that we are truly all alone in this universe; there are currently no other advanced civilisations in our galaxy other than our own. But a sci-fi narrative strategy game of the same name appears to put forth another suggestion: that our insatiable hunger for war and destruction is causing our space-faring allies to avoid our planet altogether—or even preventing contact, since we are too busy causing wanton bloodshed.

Yet perhaps you can steer the fate of human civilisation—and the galaxy at large—as an omnipresent, godlike figure. In the upcoming space strategy game The Fermi Paradox, you are a galactic gardener with the infinite power and wisdom to guide every planet and civilisation towards harmony or destruction.

You can, for instance, encourage inter-species contact between humans and aliens, or nudge civilisations towards waging an all-out galactic war, if you’re feeling sadistic. But there are also galactic events that take place on a smaller scale, however, which reverberate across the cosmos, each with the capacity to influence the universe’s final days.

Are there any particularly attractive alien species in The Fermi Paradox? The game’s trailer doesn’t reveal much in terms of the various space-faring civilisations you’ll meet, and most of the aliens resemble colourful dinosaurs, space squids and white furry apes rather than the dashing Turians of the Mass Effect series. But who knows? Maybe love will blossom somewhere. Apparently you can ignite a sexual revolution across planets too.

The Fermi Paradox will be unraveled some time this year. Meanwhile, feast your eyes on some of the screenshots here.