Red Planet Farming

You Should Play Red Planet Farming

If Earth is doomed, or running out of space to accommodate the parasitic human population, Red Planet Farming suggests that we should all haul our asses and colonise Mars instead. 

As the first Agricultural Director of Mars, you’re tasked with the mammoth responsibility of keeping the new settlers here alive. Fortunately, your team of researchers―and a snarky assistant―have assured you that some Earth-borne crops, such as lettuce, cabbage and peanuts, can be grown on the red sands of Mars, so the settlers don’t have to feast on rocks. 

That said, weather on Mars can be rather volatile, which means you’ll need to take specific precautions and protect your crops against your garden variety weather hazards―from meteor showers to dust storms.

That may sound like a lot of work and unnecessary stress, but Red Planet Farming avoids the painful, ethical quandaries of colonising a new planet―and the prospect of possibly dooming thousands of people to starvation if you can’t grow enough crops―by minimising the consequences of failure. Your population may dip for a bit, but all you see is a number dipping; perhaps folks are just sick of your incompetence and are just zipping back to Earth? Hopefully. Your plants, too, are hardier than you think; some can even spout back after being ravaged by a radiation storm.

Red Planet Farming is more of a relaxing farming that lets you methodically cultivate your ecosystem of crops. In fact, it’s so chill, that the most frustrating thing about it is your population’s propensity to expand their city―and build gratuitous facilities like, I don’t know, football stadiums and graveyards―over your beautiful crops. Which sucks!

And like the best things in life, Red Planet Farming is also completely free. Get planting over at Steam now.