vampire clans

Become a deeply unsympathetic vampire overload in Vampire Clans

There has always been an undercurrent of romanticism with vampire fiction. Some of the most influential literary works on vampires have turned the creature into a maligned, misunderstood monster, from as early as Seridan Le Fanu’s Carmilla to Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire—not to mention the most recent phenomenon that’s the Twilight series, of course.

Not Vampire Clans, however, which seem to prefer embracing the grotesque of becoming a creature of the night. Unlike gothic traditions—and perhaps more akin to the most classic of vampire games that’s Vampire: The Masquerade series—Vampire Clans takes place in the seedy underbelly of Paris, rather than a decrepit, but majestic, stone castle. Your aspirations are no less grand, however: become the most powerful vampire overlord, and build up the strongest, and most influential vampire clan in the Paris underground.

There’s very little sympathy to be had for your vampire. You’re here to drain blood from humans, enslave hapless innocents, and massacre enemy clans. In one uncomfortable scene from its trailer, you’ll also be conducting diabolical rituals to enhance your vampiric powers, like kidnap a virgin, murder their companions, and imprison them in your dingy underground prison. You can also promote lowly vampires to higher ranking lieutenants, so that they can better lead your bloody conquests to victory.

Vampire Clans seem adamant about portraying vampires as the feared, cold-blooded monsters like that of old vampiric daddy Dracula, but at the heart of it is also a straightforward base-building game about expanding your vampire empire. The planned release date for this game is only stated as “when the night come (sic)”, but you can learn more about the game on Steam.