Peer into the past through physical objects in Hindsight

A discarded wedding photo was once a symbol of marital bliss, which could unwittingly bring back recollections of happier days in a divorcee in a flash. A family heirloom, handed down through generations, is infused with decades of memories from ancestors past. Unpacked boxes of a loved one’s old paraphernalia may be tucked out of sight, so that they could not dredge up thoughts of the painful recent past.

Memories have always been deeply embedded within physical objects, particularly those that are of significant importance to us. These are the sort of associations that Hindsight, an upcoming narrative game by Annapurna Interactive, wants to tell, which suggests that “the physical objects of everyday life, the possessions we hold close, were actual windows to the past”.

In this game you’ll revisit a woman’s life as she returns to her childhood home, rifles through her personal belongings and rediscovers memories that were frozen in time.

Hindsight looks set to be a beautiful tearjerker for sure, but while it’s probably the first few games that is specifically centered around turning objects into mnemonic devices, plenty of games have already been doing the same. Take a closer look at the artefacts you see around in the virtual worlds of narrative-driven games such as Life Is Strange, and you may discover more heart-wrenching depths and new perspectives that aren’t explicitly pointed out to you. This, too, seems to be what Hindsight is encouraging its players to do as well.

There is no release date for Hindsight just yet, but it’ll be making its way to Switch, App Store, and other online platforms sometime in 2021. Find out more on its Steam page.