Strangeland puts you in a surreal, macabre carnival

Far from the joyous, exhilarating funland that most people believe carnivals to be, I think they are one of the most nefarious places on earth. Look at all their contraptions: a horrifyingly creaky roller coaster that looks like it can barely hoist the weight of more than a dozen newborn babies, a barely functioning ferris wheel that jams once every few rounds, and of course the dreadful haunted house, with actors in ghoulish getups pouncing on you for laughs.

With all these attractions, it’s really no wonder why these places are popular haunts for horror tales. The upcoming point-and-click game, Strangeland, is set in one of those abominable places, with you awaking in one particularly gruesome carnival yourself. In this twisted land, filled with towering, gnarled trees and eldritch structures, a golden-haired woman has been hurling herself off a bottomless well, apparently for your sake.

Driven by a compulsion to save her somehow, you must overcome countless obstacles and riddles to get to the bottom of this mystery, while she repeatedly relives the brutality of her death. Along the way you’ll run into the carnival’s eccentric denizens, from an animatronic fortune teller to sideshow “freaks”—a relic of the circus’ most damnable attractions.

Unlike most point-and-click games, Strangeland promises some degree of choice, suggesting that there are possibly more than one solution to the carnival’s numerous puzzles, as well as multiple endings. It also boasts a “rich, thematic story about identity, loss, self-doubt and redemption”.

For those who can’t wait to get their hands on this, Strangeland will be seeing a release on 26th May just next month. Find out more about Strangeland here.