Fight an intergalactic space war in space RPG Angelic

Many games tend to centre the player as the saviour, the chosen one, or humanity’s only hope—perhaps even the Ubermensch or the Superman, as coined by Frederick Nietzsche. It’s the idea of a new generation of human beings that will surpass our current age of humanity, akin to the evolution of our ape ancestors to homo sapiens. It’s a human who would lead rather than follow, who would live and abide by values that they establish on their own, who would make difficult decisions that would influence many lives, and who would, ultimately, elevate the status of humankind.

These qualities, too, are incidentally also a taste of some of the hefty responsibilities you’ll be shouldering as an omnipotent superhuman in Angelic, an upcoming turn-based space RPG. Here you’ll lead a team of heroes, some of whom are neo-humans–a race of superhumans with unparalleled capabilities and combat skills, who are returning from the depths of deep space to Earth–in yet another earth-shattering conflict that would determine the fate of the cosmos. 

Deeply moral decisions have to be made, and uncomfortable alliances with unsavoury individuals have to be forged. Of course, you’ll also steer a ghost ship engineered by a space goddess, who speaks mostly in echoes, and dispenses sayings like, “EACH CHILD’S TEAR YOU SHED ECHOES THROUGH MY ANGER” and “I AM THEIR MOTHER”. 

Of course, you’re no regular commander too. Even as a neo-human, you’re apparently an extraordinary one with the capacity to evolve beyond your condition to become an archangel. That’s code for Ubermensch, I’m sure.

There’s no release date yet for Angelic other than “When The Goddess Permits”, but you can take a look at all these details at their Angelic Steam page