Radio Viscera

Shoot and blast cultish followers in Radio Viscera

One of the content warnings for the arcade shooter Radio Viscera, according to its Steam page, is that it contains devil worship. I suppose this devil is the Y2K cult leader who is looking to eviscerate you, but who also somehow seemed to be housed themselves in a factory, filled with some of the most dangerous environmental hazards. Thank god you have an air cannon to obliterate their fanatic followers with, and a whole lot of walls that crumble like sand when you hurl bodies and other objects towards them.

Radio Viscera looks like a game with a straightforward premise, one that taps into the most basest of our instincts: the maniacal glee of shooting and blasting things till they explode into smithereens of red goo. The game also seems to be centered around chaining attack combos, which will make tossing these fleeing meat bags into walls of spinning gears, grinding them into bloody viscera and impaling them into appropriately placed ceilings of spikes more invigorating. 

At the same time, these are also framed as a series of unfortunate workplace accidents–probably a slight jab at the irresponsible, cultish culture of some big corporations. There are also opportunities to take a breather by exploring chill outdoor zones, and unlock new outfits, while competing for the highest score on the leaderboard.

The premise of Radio Viscera still is a little scant for now, but more details will be released in the next months, since the game is also seeing a release some time in summer this year.