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Going Under’s Imposter Mode Tips and Tricks

Aggro Crab’s dungeon-crawler roguelike Going Under recently implemented its “Working From Home” update on all platforms—a substantial addition to the main game which includes extra features and the all new “Imposter Mode.” 

Going Under’s Imposter Mode Tips and Tricks

Imposter Mode is the greatest challenge yet in Going Under, stitching all three dungeons into one behemoth, with a new final boss, and eight “Overtime” difficulty settings that continuously up the ante. Reaching the end of the mode and nabbing all of Jackie’s snazzy outfits in the process is no easy feat—luckily, we’ve made the arduous journey to provide Going Under’s Imposter Mode Tips and Tricks, so you can better manoeuvre the dungeons efficiently. 

Collect Your Cubits First

There are a total of 99 perks available in Going Under—a majority of which that need to be purchased via Cubits. While it isn’t necessary to unlock all of the perks before starting Imposter Mode, or even finish the main campaign of the game, it is strongly suggested to do so, as perks like “Yeet” or “Disaster Proof” are almost vital to complete the harder Overtime modes.

The most efficient way of doing this is to purchase them in Shop Rooms, or do runs in easier dungeons like Joblin to quickly farm them. This process will also familiarise you with enemy behaviors in each dungeon along the way. 

Perk Combinations Are Key

The most important tip in this guide is the fact that building certain perk combinations is paramount to completing Imposter Mode. Half of the perks that you obtain each run involve choosing between one or the other, so it pays to be strategic in the ones you select.

While each run is randomised and there’s no way to guarantee which perks will appear, the odds are that you’ll be able to find at least one combination that you can lean on to get through tight spots.


One of the best combinations revolves around the “Yeet” perk. Each run in Imposter Mode is 10 floors—playing defensively and retaining health is key to survival. If you combine “Yeet” with perks like “Hot Shot”, “She Don’t Miss” and “Bridge Burner”, it enables you to always keep your distance from enemies while you chuck flaming junk items at enemies and wear down their health.

Even if you can’t find every perk for this combination, as long as you at least have “Yeet”, you have a solid way of playing defensively for the rest of the run.

Go Big or Go Home

You may be tempted to approach combat through the method of rushing-in and quickly dodge rolling out. The trick is to try cutting out the rushing-in aspect with perks like “Free Hand”, “Large & In Charge”, and “Scaled Up”.

“Free Hand” allows you to easily wield powerful weapons that tend to knock enemies away from Jackie, and perks that make your weapon larger allow you maintain distance from enemies as you attack them. This is especially handy in later Overtime modes, as many enemies won’t react to being hit at all, making rushing-in much more dangerous. Focus on hoarding large weapons like sledgehammers, or The Old Flame, which is arguably the best weapon in the game.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Perhaps the most broken perk combination surrounds the “Team Player perk. With this perk, any damage that Jackie sustains will be inflicted upon any recruited teammates instead. By itself, it’s useless; however, its true potential is unlocked when combined with perks like “Win Friends & Influence Monsters,Recruiter, “Hot Friends, and “Emotive”. With these perks, Jackie can quickly generate a whole team that makes her impervious to any damage.

If you manage to find “Team Player, but have a hard time finding perks that enable you to recruit teammates, a great trick is to find weapons that recruit enemies, like the Ace of Hearts or Soul Proprietor. Bonus points if you find the Upcycle app with these weapons as well, as it restores ammo and weapon durability, giving you double-recruiting capabilities.

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