Explore a military base as a magnet in PuppeTNetiK

I’ve always fancied the not-so-novel idea of exploring the nooks and crannies in a realistic, impossibly big human world through the lens of a tiny, anthropomorphic figure. What would it be like to throw yourself into the air by jumping on stationaries like rulers and pens? How does it feel to make your way across a room by leaping from a ceiling lamp onto the soft, cushy armchair below?

Fortunately, the upcoming 3D platformer PuppeTNetiK will fulfill some of my curiosities. Your task is to infiltrate and take control of a military base with the help of a magnet: a miniature thing that has four limbs and enough acrobatic skills to sprint, crawl, grapple and levitate across walls, furniture and other household objects. The game refers to itself as a “speedrun challenge”, which means that you’ll probably be encouraged to perform dizzying stunts as rapidly as possible—all without being discovered by the nefarious human sitting around languidly in the room. There will be a leaderboard where you can upload your timing for bragging rights, as well as a co-op mode, so you can grab a friend to steal top military secrets together.

Despite its less than wieldy name, PuppeTNetiK seeks to deliver an experience that would make climbing as seamless as possible, while turning levels into circuits that you can race across. In its cancelled Kickstarter campaign, the developer even compares this to Snakes and Ladders, which implies that there will be ladders and traps your magnetic soldier can stumble onto that can enhance or impede its progress. 

You’ll get to play as this wonky magnet puppet when PuppeTNetiK is out in July on Steam this year.