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Necromunda: Hired Gun Tips and Tricks

In the grim darkness of the far future, accents are thick. Streum On Studio returns to the Warhammer 40K universe for Necromunda: Hired Gun, leaving the hulking terminators of Deathwing for the fast action of the Underhive. It’s a mastiff-eat-mastiff hiveworld out there; life in the 41st millennium is harsh so get yourself some of these Necromunda: Hired Gun Tips and Tricks.

Necromunda: Hired Gun Tips and Tricks

As far as Necromunda: Hired Gun tips and tricks go, there’s no more important two words than move and shoot. Treat this game like a high octane game of Quake 3 and you’re on the right wavelength. There’s no time for tactics, no room for coordination. Think fast, stay on your toes and you might just survive what the gangs of Necromunda throw at you.

Needs More Dakka

Allow me to start with the most important bit of advice I can give you; never stop shooting. Okay, I recognise that’s a bit of a reductive statement regarding a first person shooter, but hear me out. If you’ve watched any gameplay from Necromunda: Hired Gun you’ll have noticed that much inspiration has been taken from the recent Doom games. The pace of the game is fast and aggressive, and you’re going to need to keep up. 

The best way to do that is to keep that trigger held, for two reasons. You want to do damage, and you want to heal. Your main source of healing is the Auto Sanguine ability, a Bloodborne-esque system that allows you to regain health from doing damage. The pace of the game can be a lot to keep up with so the best policy to keep yourself healthy is to do as much damage as you can. Don’t think, shoot.

Only The Still Die Young

Move. In Necromunda: Hired Gun you have a wealth of movement abilities and little restriction on how much you can use them. You naturally move very quickly on the ground, you jump high and can double jump higher again. You have a dash ability that works in any direction, even while airborne. Before long you’ll have a grapnel launcher built into your mechanical left arm that will get you from here to anywhere you can see– in no time.

Some bionic upgrades include movement options, like teleporting into a group of enemies. Get familiar with all of these abilities, because shooting and healing alone will not keep you alive. While many enemies are going to be peppering you with bullets constantly, others have slow, high damage but avoidable attacks. In the chaos that this game inevitably brings, you need to be dodging as much as you can. Much like my advice about shooting, your best bet to avoid attacks is to be moving constantly.

Upgrades are Good, Guns are Better

Necromunda: Hired Gun gives you a suite of bionic upgrades to unlock, dozens of ways to make your superhuman mercenary even more super. These are genuinely important, but I wouldn’t call it a particularly deep system. That is to say, I’m not about to recommend any particular character builds. Upgrades to health and movement are key, the new abilities you can purchase are good but often situational. The ability to slow time or to do high damage to refraction shielded enemies are great, but this game feels like it wants you to do one thing and that’s to shoot your guns.

In combat, abilities are accessed through an ability wheel. You can have one of them mapped to a button press but the rest will require opening the wheel, which in mid-firefight can be fatal. Especially when you consider that using medkits is one of said abilities, suddenly the others don’t feel so important. By all means, play around with the various bionics. Find ones you like, pre-load them onto the quick use button and keep them ready for the next fight. However, if you don’t know what you’re about to walk into, just sticking with the medkit is probably your safest bet. That, and your favourite gun.

Your Best Friend is a Great Boy, Sometimes

Any game that gives you a dog is already on to a winner. The Cyber Mastiff in Necromunda: Hired Gun is a fantastic friend, when it works. In theory, summoning this big boi should send him straight into action. Ripping throats, taking down the bads, all that good stuff. This isn’t always the case. The dog is it’s own AI character;, you can make suggestions but you really don’t have much control. 

Instead, the dog’s strength is in utility rather than dealing damage. While your mastiff is active you can see all nearby enemies through walls. Hell, even for enemies in clear view this is crucial. The haze of battle in this game can be thick, and you’ll be very thankful to have some clear guides for where to shoot.

The Weirdest Get Out Of Jail Free Card

You remember I mentioned how much this game fancies itself as a modern Doom clone? One feature of the recent Doom games has been glory kills, instant close-range finishers that drop health and armour. These are meant to encourage players to be more aggressive, an excellent way to bring back classic arcade FPS play. Seemingly, Necromunda: Hired Gun saw this and wanted to try something similar. At close range you can perform takedowns very alike to the ones in Doom, but with one stark difference: there is no stun mechanic.

You don’t need to damage the enemy first. All you need to do is get close and press a button. That’s it. Every regular enemy in the game, instantly dead with a single keystroke. You are totally immune while doing this, and will always come out with a nice big chunk of health. This ability is so overpowered it breaks the game, like a superpower you don’t want to use because it makes the game so easy that it saps away its fun. If you’re having a tough time with the game, then by all means, use this liberally.