Foreclosed adds a comic book aesthetic to its cyberpunk

There’s a sight in Foreclosed, an upcoming cyberpunk shooter, that I can’t help but admire; it’s that of a neon outline of a cluster of cerebral veins, which are held together by a small electronic circuit, and superimposed on the back of the protagonist–a fugitive of sorts named Evan Kapnos. It speaks of the ubiquity and invasiveness of technology has on our lives to an exaggerated extent–a powerful metaphorical image that aligns closely to the axiomatic tales of cyberpunk. 

The story also hews closely to the cyberpunk ethos of the loss of individuality, tinged with transhumanism themes; after all, your very identity is at risk of being auctioned off to faceless corporations. As Evan, a man with “nothing to lose”, you’re on the run against nefarious forces, as you investigate, stay out of sight of and of course, take down enforcers attempting to wrestle you to court with high tech weaponry, powered by your cybernetic implants. Wrapped around this web of conspiracy is a sleek and highly stylised comic book aesthetic, complete with flashy onomatopoeia like “BOOM”, “KABOOM” and RATATATATAT”, and comic book panels that introduce the scenes. It is, at the very least, visually outstanding.

Foreclosed also makes ample references to the use of a “city blockchain” to seal off your identity–a property that’s owned by the state, and freely purchased by corporations–which feels like it’s somewhat antithetical to the decentralised nature of the technology. But who knows? Maybe it’ll offer something new to the glut of cyberpunk fare we have seen these days.

Foreclosed will be released on August 12 this year.