Fight your massive mecha against others in Wolfstride

The clashing of metal against metal in humanoid robotic wars, across countless mecha anime—the likes of Mobile Suit Gundam, Code Geass and Neon Genesis Evangelion—is sheer adrenaline rush. It’s these seminal Japanese pop culture staples and aesthetics that probably make up the chief influences of Wolfstride, an upcoming combat-focused RPG that puts the grandiose of warring giant mechanical robots on full display—and beautifully rendered in monochromatic comic book-style graphics. 

In Wolfstride, you’re an aspiring mech combat pilot , who has somehow inherited a legendary mecha called COWBOY. The only logical thing to do, then, with a hulking killer robot that can pulverise its opponents with sheer firepower and a colossal, metallic fist, is to recruit a crew of pilots and mechanics as co-pilots, and then pit the colossus against another hulking, killer robot in a planet-wide sporting event called GIANT MECHA BATTLES.

However, becoming a full-time pilot and engaging in such an exhilarating bloodsport (metalsport?) doesn’t come cheap, what with the constant upgrades and repairs necessary to keep your mecha in the best fighting condition. That means supporting this gig with side hustles and odd jobs in the city, while managing your budget. You’ll also get to meet the residents of this city and build lasting friendships—crucial to ensuring a steady stream of money that can bolster your career as a mecha pilot.

There’s no release date for Wolfstride yet, but you can get ready for all the heightened action in the game’s free demo—and enjoy the explosive cacophony of robots smashing robots—on Steam.