Midnight Protocol

Hack your way into government systems in Midnight Protocol

Hacking is often seen as a form of technical sorcery, a hazy, unknowable enigma that can only be understood and wielded by techno wizards dressed in black hooded jackets.  At least in popular culture, they are predominantly scenes about gaining illicit access to databases via blackened interfaces, the eyes of these hackers latched onto the screen as they hammer inscrutable code incessantly onto the keyboard.

With Midnight Protocol, you’ll also be performing this very wizardry as an infamous hacktivist named Data. Most of it takes place via a virtual home terminal, where you can access emails with fellow hackers, make shady purchases of hacking tools on the black market, and perform your hacktivist duties by breaking into secure databases and extracting classified data. Carrying out scores of cyber espionage, you’ll also get to navigate the grey zones of digital laws and morality–while being assigned white, grey, and black-hat reputations, depending on the decisions you make, which can impact how the story pans out..

All these may seem rather overwhelming at the beginning, but the crux of Midnight Protocol is the hacking: the cyber warfare you’ll wage on government operatives and corporations. Here’s a secret; these are essentially a series of turn-based combat, with attacks and other strategies cleverly disguised as a series of malicious programs you can deploy to replicate that bonafide hacking experience.

In short, you’ll traverse across various nodes in a simulated virtual programme–from siphoning money from finance nodes to your bank account, to installing viruses like Trojans on database nodes to gain unauthorised access to confidential details. You can even install other tools to disrupt firewalls and other cybersecurity measures put up by hapless targets–and get through the whole process while minimising any traces of your digital footsteps.

Midnight Protocol is releasing sometime in summer 2021, but you can give the free demo a whirl on Steam.