Metal Dogs 2

Wage destructive wars with dog supersoldiers in Metal Dogs

Turning wholesome, lovable dogs—traditionally known as man’s best friends—into weapons of mass destruction is a deeply heinous crime, even if the ostensible reason is to do so in the name of peace and justice. But in the world of Metal Dogs, humankind has been rendered extinct, turned into nothingness, and pounded into dust. In the absence of men, who will wage our wars for us? What will all the wildlife and monstrosities that now roam the post-apocalyptic universe do? What will happen to all the catastrophic prowess of big guns, canons and atomic bombs, now that they cannot be wielded by our grubby little fingers? 

The answers are dog supersoldiers, of course! A spin-off of JRPG classic Metal Max, Metal Dogs lets you take control of a small, destructive trio of pooch fighters—a Shiba Inu, a bulldog, or a doberman—and outfit them with little rocket launchers and machine guns. You can direct your furry soldiers towards committing wanton destruction against gigantic monsters and massive tanks, all while dodging a hailstorm of bullets and energy orbs. 

At the same time, you’ll also get to customise your firepower with three weapon slots to optimise your destructive powers. And as with most games about being a destructive warmonger, there is also equipment and rare loot to hoard, and bounties to collect on.  

And I mean, look at this Shiba Inu! He’s all too eager to kill things for you:

Take a look at all the furry, ballistic action on Steam, where Metal Dogs will be pouncing into Early Access sometime in early summer this year.