Starmancer Lets You Save Or Doom Your Space Colony

In a shocking twist of fate, humanity decided against saving Earth, caused a catastrophe, and has now taken to the stars to survive. The good news is that they’re not actually the ones in charge, you are. You take control of a Starmancer, an AI designed to manage a space station and keep everything from bursting into flames/exploding/being ravaged by space mutants. What’s really cool about Starmancer though, is that you don’t have to be all that good if you don’t want to. 

Sure, you can choose to make sure everyone’s happy and healthy. You can choose to make sure everyone has their every need met, and that you create a true utopia free of the capitalist nonsense and global warming that plagues and ravages our own Earth. Or, and this is probably going to be more tempting, you can just mess around with your colonists and see how long they’ll put up with being experimented on. 

It’s the kind of sandbox game that’s almost certain to find a good level of success purely because you can be good or evil, but it’s also a game that’s being published by Chucklefish, which means you know it’s going to have a certain degree of quality too. It also means it’s got the gorgeous art style that you’d expect from a game they’ve decided to publish. Starmancer looks fascinating, and it’s definitely going to be one of those games that allows you to create your own entertaining stories to tell other players, and we love that.