Wrestling with Emotions

Romance hunky, sweaty wrestlers in Wrestling with Emotions

Emotions are some of the roughest things to juggle; they’re often overwhelming and tedious, landing a jab squarely on your noggins when you least expect it. Then there’s Wrestling with Emotions: New Kid on the Block, which is also about managing the fluttery feelings of crushes, affections and anxiety that come with meeting a cast of musclebound cuties—one of them being a drool-worthy 6 foot rubber muscle man—as well as building loving, long-lasting relationships and tension-laden rivalries with other wrestlers.

And the game’s also about the show-stopping theatrics of wrestling, too.

In this quirky dating sims, you’ll probably get caught up in a whirlwind of emotions—like choosing between the cute wrestler dripping with green slime, or the beefy cyclops who look like they can crush you with their bare arms—but also risk getting a steel chair-induced concussion by a potential lover at the same time. As a rookie wrestler, you’ll be hunting for a worthy rival—and a swoonsome partner—on the world’s biggest wrestling stage. You’ll also be able to create a character and increase your stats known as MEAT (Muscle, Elegance, Attitude and Theatrics) and develop your character’s personality through a BONES system (Bodacious, Open, Neurotic, Easy-going and Steadfast). With the right combination and stats, you’ll probably be able to land some power moves on the stage—and outside the ring.

New Kid on the Block is, surprisingly, also the second title in a series—a self-professed “heavyweight sequel” to a dating sim released in 2016 called Wrestling with Emotions: Quest for the Perfect Match. It’s also about meeting the pro-wrestler of your dreams and being enveloped in love’s steamy embrace.

That said, the first date jitters will still be some time away; New Kid on the Block will only be released in November 2022.