Detective thriller Nothing To Remember has you catch a killer from your desktop

It was supposed to be over, a killer that had plagued the streets was thought dead, but when a man goes missing it quickly becomes clear that the nightmare has barely begun. Uncover the complexities of the case through the eyes of two protagonists, and put the clues together in a way that only you can!

Developed by Guts United, Nothing to Remember is a detective thriller that runs on your desktop, allowing you to use your browser to investigate case details, examine the social media profiles of both suspects and witnesses, and chase clues left by the killer as you communicate with colleagues, family, and even suspects.

Jeremy, a doctor haunted by his past, awakens to find himself in a small locked room, with the only light source being the glare of a computer screen. He sits at the desk sore, confused, and desperate for a drink of water. In the eerie silence, he hears an alert from the screen, and sees a single message from an unknown sender, “Must be torture not being able to sleep…”.

Across the city, Sarah Carter has been transferred to another precinct after her refusal to drop the cold case of her friend’s murder, despite the supposed death of the killer. Sarah is convinced the culprit still walks the streets..

Sarah quickly learns that you don’t get something for nothing in the detective business. She agrees to work with fellow officer Bill to solve his own case that he can’t let go of, and in return, Bill will give her the extra pair of eyes she needs to work her case – but can he be trusted? Sarah finds herself questioning the motives of those closest to her, and how she responds to their messages will affect her relationship with them as the story unfolds.

Jeremy finds himself alone in a room lit only by a desktop. He sits down only to find himself communicating one-to-one with his would-be killer. Use Jeremy to learn more about the killer once thought dead, and try to piece together their motives. Who are they? Why have they started killing again? What drove them to select Jeremy as their next target? Your knowledge of Jeremy’s experience as a victim could be the key to providing the clues for Sarah to solve the case!

Step outside the game to uncover clues, as the messages fly on your desktop, you can investigate the social media profiles of your contact list. Sarah’s boyfriend usually saves Instagram for photos of nature and his dog, so why has he posted two photos of strange paintings at a gallery Sarah doesn’t remember him going to? Contextual clues scattered throughout the web will be crucial in helping you identify who you can trust, who isn’t telling you the whole story, or even whose profile has been hijacked!

With a branching story and four possible endings, you’ll need to make critical choices to catch the killer and end their reign of terror. Will you take down the killer or will they escape? Play through the story again to see what would happen if you chose to pursue a different path, uncover new secrets that suspects are hiding from you, and from themselves.

Nothing to Remember is out now for PC via Steam, you can purchase it here, with a free demo available.