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Psychonauts 2 tips and tricks

It has been some time since the first Psychonauts dropped in 2005. Even seasoned brain warriors will find more challenging mindscapes and fearsome mental menaces in the anticipated sequel. With these Psychonauts 2 tips and tricks you’ll be ready for whatever weird gets thrown your way. After all, knowledge is power.

Psychonauts 2 tips and tricks

Going on yet another Psychonauts escapade may be a mind-boggling experience, but these Psychonauts 2 tips and tricks may help you out in a pinch. Check these out:

Mind on the Money, Money on the Mind

Psitanium has returned as the glowing purple stock currency in the world of Psychonauts. Enemies and smashables have regular Psitanium payouts, and hub worlds are littered with hidden supply creates. However, the amount of psitanium you can carry is limited at first. Make sure to upgrade your wallet early using Otto Mentallis’ shop. There are two upgrades, the Psi Fold Wallet and later the Astral Wallet. Neither ask for fortune. You should upgrade before moving on to Hollis’ first class. If you find yourself shy on Psitanium there’s plenty in the Psychonauts HQ. Dig through the gardens along the sides of the atrium for a reliable, replenishable Psitanium source.

Rolling With the Flow

Many enemies in Psychonauts 2 have specific, sometimes singular weaknesses. Doubts burn up to Pyrokinesis. Panic Attacks will dance circles around without being slowed down by a Time Buble. Bad Moods can only be tackled with Clairvoyance. The most common kind of fight is an all-out ambush. Enemies, most often Censors, popping out in droves to stamp you out. Swapping between necessary powers can be a game of twister, tackling specific enemy types and waiting for your PSI Powers to recharge leaving you open. On foot, Raz can be vulnerable. On a bubble, Raz gets the upper hand. Levitation bubbles let you roll across the ground and circle enemies with PSI-Blasts as they come in droves.

If you don’t want Levitation to take up permanent residency in your four PSI-Power slots, bring up the Options menu, go into Controls and turn on ‘Use Triple Jump to Glide’ and ‘Leivation Ball Pulldown from Glide.’ These will make your Levitation bubble automatic as a third jump, and pressing down A lets you transition it into a rolling ball. It isn’t as convenient as having Levitation equipped, but in fights that demand various PSI-Powers it can come in use.

Pinned Down

Walloping is the fastest way to take out most of Psychonaut 2’s enemies. Up close with a PSI-Punch dishes the most damage but the range is short and leaves Raz open to a counter-attack. Ideally you always have a big chunk of debris to huck using your Telekinesis. And thanks to Otto Mentallis’ shop, you can guarantee that. Otto offers a large selection of ‘Pins’ to add additional upgrades or cosmetic changes to PSI-Powers. You can only equip three at a time, but one is more useful than others by leaps and bounds. ‘Plucky Pin’ makes sure you’re never caught without your Telekinesis, letting you grab something to chuck even if there’s nothing around to pluck.

Mind Exploration

The fastest way to upgrade your rank, unlocking more PSI-Power upgrades and Pins, is to collect Figments, Emotional Baggage and Memory Vaults. Plenty of PSI-Cores can be purchased in the shop, but they must be paired with PSI-Cards, which are finite and ultimately only bump you up one rank. Good old fashioned exploration is your best route up the ladder. The mindscapes of Psychonauts hide many secrets, some can be uncovered just by doing a quick 360 when you first enter a room. Others, however, will require some added agility. Two PSI-Power upgrades are handiest for exploration.

The first, and available early on, is Levitation’s Stage 3 upgrade ‘Pouncy Ball.’ Pouncy Ball allows you to charge up your Levitation orb for a super jump. The other, Mental Connection’s final upgrade, is ‘Dark Thoughts,’ which is the only way to zip across the dark blue mental connections that might have confused you early on. Prioritise these and you’ll be cleaning up every nook, cranny and fold of the mind.

Psychonauts 2 is one of those rare games that evokes memories of the best games made by both Double Fine and LucasArts. See why the game is one of our favourite titles of the year in our review.