Spacelines from the Far Out

Spacelines from the Far Out is Space Overcooked

Like Dark Souls, there looks to be a growing crop of games that’re resembling variations of Overcooked, playing on the frantic, co-op antics of the cooking game: there’s Moving Out, which is essentially Overcooked but as furniture movers; and the recent Get Packed: Fully Loaded, which adds a wobbly, chaotic twist to the whole house moving shenanigans with out-of-control game physics.

Adding another title to this pile is the upcoming Spacelines from the Far Out, a space-themed, co-op experience about piloting a spaceship and running your own space station with friends. A game that supposedly “blends the golden era of air travel with the utopian space age of the ‘60s”, Spacelines looks like it’ll reignite all the frustrations you have with less-than-cooperative friends, so better make sure that your friendships are rock-solid before embarking on this odyssey.

There are tons of responsibilities for everyone to juggle on this ship: serve bad food, repair broken equipment, deal with gravity loss, clean up vomit, avoid floating vomit puddles, navigate through an assortment of space hazards, and manage low fuel—and this isn’t even an exhaustive list. I’m not sure if these are how much it’ll take to keep a hunk of steel afloat in deep space.

Spacelines also promises to be a comedic experience—as well as a boatload full of 60’s sci-fi references—so hopefully that’ll help shave off a little of the tension and stress when playing the game with friends.

Spacelines from the Far Out will be seeing a release sometime this year.