Collect bounties as a cyberpunk cowboy in ExeKiller

Cyberpunk games are dime a dozen these days, but RPG Exekiller seeks to add a much welcomed twist to the saturated genre these days by infusing its dystopia with a Old West twist. In other words, it’s an amalgamation of some of the most prevalent pop culture aesthetics these days: the Wild West, cyberpunk and the post-apocalypse.

My initial reaction was cynicism; on paper, this looks like a game that’s engineered for maximum, widespread popularity, almost as it’s a well-calibrated decision to combine these genres together, in order to quickly grab the most attention and expand market share. However, its initial trailer is admittedly eye-catching and particularly polished, filled with scenes of radioactive sandstorms, air-borne vehicles that swiftly soars over gaping canyons, and adrenaline-fueled first-person shootouts against a bevy of cowboys and outlaws. Plus, I’m happy to share that I’ve yet to see a single Japanese or Chinese iconography—a first for a recent cyberpunk release.

You play as a futuristic bounty hunter in search of S.O.U.L.S—in essence, biochip components that contains the particulars of its owners, while letting you take complete control over them. True to the cyberpunk narrative, these chips are created by the universe’s biggest corporations, with you cashing in these chips for money. There are also hints of a player-driven storyline, with the tale evolving according to your decisions and actions taken during your exploits. Expect plenty of shooting, looting, killing, racing and oh, vehicular violence.

ExeKiller will only be released “when it’s ready”, according to its Steam page.