Paradise Marsh

Catch bugs and reconnect with nature in Paradise Marsh

There’s something magical and cathartic about rustic indie adventures and how their simplicity draws you in, coimpelling you to slow down and reflect over the little things in life. Games like Among Trees, A Short Hike and Proteus delivered brilliant dreamy vignettes about nature and our place in it. If you loved those games then you’ll want to keep an eye on Paradise Marsh.

Inspired by the nostalgia of his childhood spent catching bugs by the countryside, Etienne Trudeau came up with Paradise Marsh at a game jam last year. He’s since partnered up with more game developers to flesh out the title and create an ambient and contemplative experience.

The night sky has lost all stars in Paradise Marsh and it’ll be up to you to renew and restore. You’ll be strolling across picturesque procedurally-generated landscapes with a trusty bug net in hand. There will be diverse biomes of an endless wetland to explore where you’ll be able to relax, take in the scenery whilst sitting atop a soggy log, eating wild berries or chucking stones across a pond.

You’ll observe nature working in harmony and play the game at your own pace. The meat of the game involves you catching small bugs and penning your findings in an adventure journal. You’ll also encounter colorful characters who dole out quests and discover pieces of lore in the form of lost poems.

Paradise Marsh, so far, is shaping up to be one of those rare indie gems that will charm you with its poetic and therapeutic milieu. No concrete date on launch but it will be arriving on Steam sometime in fall this year.