Return to Nangrim

Return to Nangrim’s fantasy world has shades of Skyrim

Nothing like the yearly re-releases and new editions of Skyrim—an Anniversary Edition was just released as part of the game’s, well, 10th year anniversary—reminds you of the passing of ages. But if you can no longer wait for a new Elder Scrolls title, Return to Nangrim may probably be released much earlier than a sequel to Skyrim. Hugely reminiscent of a modern Elder Scrolls title, this dark fantasy RPG also lets you take in the breathtaking sights of mountainous terrains, dwarven fortresses and underground mines, while allowing you to engage in some fantastic first-person melee combat, as well as weapons and armor crafting—in essence, some of the features that made Skyrim so beloved among its community.

More than just an RPG that apes the stylings of Skyrim, however, Return to Nangrim also has a fictional runic language belonging to a race of ancient dwarves known as Hilduir, which players can learn to read to piece together the history behind the Stonebeards, a legendarily powerful dwarven family. But this is just one part of an extensive, overarching fantasy universe that’s known as the Lands of Arafinn, where Return to Nangrim is based in. According to the studio Sycoforge, they’ve long been working on and developing the Arafinn universe since 2009, with several fictional books already being written on the legendary Stonebeards from Return of Nangrim. You can find out more about the Arafinn universe here.  

Meanwhile, Return to Nangrim will only be seeing a release in 2022, but that’ll still probably be earlier than the next Elder Scroll title.