Goodboy Galaxy

You’re a space doggo in GBA game Goodboy Galaxy

Time to dig out your dusty ol’ Game Boy Advance from deep within your closet, for the handheld console is most probably getting its first commercial game in a decade: the action-adventure game Goodboy Galaxy, featuring a very good boy and astronaut doggo named Maxwell, who’s looking to rid the cosmos of evil and explore unfamiliar worlds, while meeting new space friends.

Clearly an adorable throwback to classic GBA and Nintendo games, the game has been described as a “cuter Metroid” by its creators. On top of blasting space baddies, you’ll also upgrade your blaster, do lots of acrobatic platforming, hunt for secret areas and collect friendship cards. But even if you don’t have a working GBA, the game is also set to be released on PC and the Switch, with these versions probably bundled with some additional features, such as a modern aspect ratio, remastered audio, and even a couch co-op mode.

Goodboy Galaxy has handily smashed its Kickstarter goals—and with that, unlocked a series of stretch goals, including a lovely comic  and an additional chapter exclusive to the GBA version of the game—but you can still contribute to the crowdfunding of the game at the campaign page. On top of the game itself, you can also secure a special, physical edition of the game, which includes nifty rewards like a GBA case and cartridge, a mini artbook, stickers, soundtracks, and some patches. There’s also a short demo of the game—on PC, the web browser, or on your favourite GBA emulator, of course—on Goodboy Galaxy’s page.