You Need To Play Splitgate

You’ve likely seen Splitgate around at some point. It’s a hard game to have missed, given that it basically erupted into the world a few weeks ago and has been getting more and more stable and easier to play since, as the devs have, presumably, been buying up every server they can get their hands on. The premise is simple: imagine the gunplay of Halo, but add in jetpacks, and portals from, uh, Portal. That should, with any luck, sound like a wonderful fever dream, but it’s real, and it’s also free. 

A lot of people are going to play Splitgate because it has a fun competitive scene, and a plethora of modes that would make even the most expensive FPS games kind of jealous. It’s also got a fairly self-aware sense of humour, with the usual “Kill Confirmed” mode being replaced by one called “Teabag Confirmed.” All of that’s good and all, and I like it for those reasons, but I love it because it also has custom games. 

The key thing here is that you can have bots in custom games of varying difficulties, and while they’re not always the brightest, they are fairly good shots, and they’ll mess you up if you don’t take them out before they notice you. More importantly though, you can slap on a bunch of modifiers, like adding in extra jetpack power, or lowering gravity, or upping the running speed. You can even activate big head mode, which is absurd in the best possible way. All of these things mark Spitgate out from many other free-to-play shooters, because you can absolutely just ignore the world and vibe with your friends if you want to, and it’s immensely rewarding to do so.