Friday Night Funkin’

The Best Mods in Friday Night Funkin’

We here at The Indie Game Website have been known to get freaky on a Friday night. Sadly, it’s been a fair few Fridays since Friday Night Funkin’ got its last update, and there will be many more before the full game is complete. How are we supposed to fill those funkless hours between Friday afternoon and Saturday morning? Fear not! The modding community has your back, and we’re on the beat with a Bop Gun full of treats.

Friday night funkin, but bad

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If you’ve reached the end of Friday Night Funkin’ and you’re looking for the exact same game without all that quality, this mod has you covered: Crudely drawn, low-resolution art? Slightly off-key music compressed into a crunchy little bitrate? Friday night funkin, but bad is the baddest, baby, but as any backwards-hat-wearing youth can tell you, sometimes bad is good.


Friday Night Funkin’ NEO

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Tick-tick-tick, CLAP! Ti-ti-ti-t-t-tick-tick-tick, CLAP! I didn’t think I needed a lo-fi Friday Night Funkintrap remix in my life, but now that I’ve found it, yep. This is the good stuff. Confident, understated, and one of the strongest recommendations on this list.


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As eagle-eyed readers might suspect, Golf is a copy of that minigame from Rhythm Heaven Fever to a tee. To be fair, though, Nintendo stole the idea from the game of golf. (Golf is where you whack balls in time to a jaunty tune, right? I’m not a sports guy.) The developer might still be a little green—there are a few rough edges to iron out—but as a demonstration of how far out of bounds modders can push Friday Night Funkin’, this is par excellence.

Besides, it’s always good to have a spare golf minigame.

Maginage Matches

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What do you get when you cross Friday Night Funkin’ with an original visual novel dating sim set in a high school populated by anthropomorphic animals? A lot of text boxes that won’t answer your questions about why those things should be combined. Stick with it, though. The songs are peppy, the artwork is bright and vivacious, and it’s all crafted with commendable skill and passion.


Electro Funkin’

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Robots are cool. Music is cool. Battling a gang of electronic-music-loving robots made of old stereo equipment is 01000011 01001111 01001111 01001100. (Robots know what I’m talking about.)


Friday Night Funkin’ with PaRappa

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Even if you’re not old enough to remember a time when PaRappa the Rapper ruled the Earth, Rodney Greenblat’s trippy characters and the game’s absurd rhymes have a timeless appeal. As if to prove this point, some kind modder has flagrantly disregarded copyright law and flawlessly adapted the first few stages to play like Friday Night Funkin’. (Given PaRappa’s relaxed attitude toward intellectual property, there’s probably not much danger of legal action.)


Everywhere at the End of Funk

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Everywhere at the End of Funk is an adaptation of Everywhere at the End of Time, a serious musical work meant to represent the ravages of Alzheimer’s disease. By the author’s own admission, not much thought was put into the initial concept, and the mod received backlash from some who found it disturbing or distasteful. I wholeheartedly agree with the criticism, but if you can handle it, take a look. The music choice is just so weird. For better or worse, you’ve never heard anything like it in a rhythm game.