Friday Night Funkin

You Should Play Friday Night Funkin’

Friday Night Funkin’ looks like a game that’s sculpted in the veneer of early 2000s Flash games—the sort of wildly creative stuff that would have thrived in sites like Newgrounds and Kongregate. Which is no surprise, really, to learn that the team included artists who were active in the Newgrounds community. Plus, the game is basically Dance Dance Revolution, which should knock an ample dose of dopamine right into the hearts of millennials who used to spend a good bulk of their hours—and quarters—at the arcade.

Buoyed by the infectious beats of electronic dance music, Friday Night Funkin’ tells the classic tale about a guy who wants to date his girlfriend, but is stopped by her MEAN and EVIL dad who wants to kill him instead. Fortunately, he’s also an ex-rockstar, as well as a demonic overlord who traps souls for fun. Getting him to change his mind about you dating his daughter means performing a series of rap battle-like duets against him and an eclectic band of performers. You’ll have to tap on the right buttons corresponding to the notes on the screen, either by recognising the cadence of its electronic music quickly , or just repeating the same level over and over again until you memorise every single note.

Like most rhythm games, Friday Night Funkin’ demands some level of virtuosity from its players, but my advice is to simply marinate in the groove of its funky music and let your fingers go ballistic. There are more than enough songs to get well-acquainted with, but luckily for us, the developer is still working on releasing a few more.

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