Here’s a collection of 25 spooky Playstation 1-inspired games

Why do games that use the low-poly aesthetic–one that’s specifically inspired by the graphical limitations of the Playstation 1–feel so unsettling? This eeriness probably stems from the uncanny, angular look of the people and artefacts that are portrayed on screen, adding to a sense of perversion from once familiar sights.

But if you’re not convinced of their eeriness, go ahead and take a gander at some choice picks in the Haunted PS1 demo disc–a brand new compilation of 25 spooky games sculpted in the blocky visage of the PS1. 

Not that these games can be played on your dusty old PS1, mind you; these are meant to be played on your very modern gaming machines. All the titles in this collection of horror games are free, but some also serve as demos to full-fledged games that have yet to be released. Here are some of my personal favourites:

The Lunar Effect

Any horror fest that begins in an abandoned, moon-lit mansion is bad news, and The Lunar Effect is no exception. You’re unfortunately trapped in this mansion while head-twitching phantoms stalk your every move. At some angles, even the sight of your own, lanky body looks just as uncanny and supernatural.


The first thing about Apolysis that struck you is its crimson red: the bleeding flesh and the disjointed spines that hangs from the concrete ceilings of the old refinery the game is set in. There’s something distinctly human-like about this building, as if you’re roaming about the innards of a still quivering body. 

散歩 – Walk

A survival horror set in the quiet streets of Japan, you’ll be taking a not-so-leisurely stroll home as a young school girl, while avoiding the gaze of a tall, dark, and slender figure. It’s the heart-palpitating terror of trying to get back home safely in the dead quiet of the night, and oh boy, the dated ‘80s visuals and screeching tones sure don’t help at all.  

You can check out the Haunted PS1 demo disc here