Cozy Grove

The Best Upcoming Games April

From a game that asks you to turn on your webcam as you play, to another title that loudly endorses the use of the word “No” to navigate the dismal and wretched reality of corporate life, here are the best upcoming indie games in April:

Before Your Eyes

As the saying goes, the best way to tell if someone is lying is to observe their eyes. In the same vein, the Ferryman in Before Your Eyes wants to know if you’re being dishonest by looking into your own eyes: a curio made possible with the game requesting that you turn on your webcam as you play. What it sought to do is to cede the flow of the narrative to you, as you interact with the game through every blink and dart of your eyes. It’s a deeply intimate way of demanding the player’s complete attention, and I can’t wait to see if the game delivers on this front.

Before Your Eyes is seeing a full release on April 8.

Cozy Grove

There are plenty of ghost buddies to make friends with in the life sim Cozy Grove, a game that has been favourably compared to last year’s pandemic hit, Animal Crossing: New Horizons.  You play as a Spirit Scout, who has been tasked to help the residents at the island—a couple of ghostly bears and such—to pass on to the afterlife, while rebuilding the once-bustling village to its former glory. You’ll also get to do tons of scavenging, crafting, and fishing, and wander about in the Cozy Grove’s gentle, pastel-coloured universe. It sounds like a leisurely, stress-free way to pass the time.

Cozy Grove will be also be out on April 8.

Say No! More

One of the most liberating things to shout at people is a big, resounding “No!”, and Say No! More, which is purportedly “the world’s first NPG (NO!-Playing Game)”, lets you live out this wild, impossible fantasy. As an intern in a dreary and deeply corporate office, you’re now granted the new, fantastical power to yell “No!” to anyone who displeases you—from your unbearable supervisors to your mean colleagues. Stampede through the corridors while screaming no! Toss important documents about while whispering no! Gather your friends together for a loud, reverberating chorus of no!

Yell “No!”—while flailing both arms in the air to emphasize an imposing stance—in Say No! More, which will be launching on April 9.

Emily is Away <3

Emily Is Away <3 is the second sequel to the visual novel Emily Is Away, a game staunchly rooted in the heyday of 2000s internet culture. But rather than AIM—a discontinued service by a now-defunct corporation—Emily Is Away <3 now takes place on an old-new social media platform called Facenook, while recreating all the quirks and idiosyncrasies of the platform, like embarrassing jokes and novel-length posts from your mum. And if the previous games are of any indication, Emily Is Away <3 is probably going to be a moving, digital tale of connecting with internet strangers and long-lost friends.

Get ready for a heavy dose of notalgia with the game’s release on April 16.


I’d admit that part of my interest in Insurmountable stems from my pastime in bouldering and climbing, and the snow-capped, craggy summits of the mountains in the game look absolutely grandeur to scale. Rather than a climbing simulator, however, Insurmountable chooses to call itself an adventure roguelike instead, perhaps hinting that the game bears a greater resemblance to other titles of the same genre, than being a near-realistic replica of the climbing experience. Conquering these mountains not only means scaling these insurmountable heights, but also keeping an eye out for your health and other vital stats. You’ll also have to watch out for unfavourable weather conditions, deadly animals and concealed abysses, while still getting adequate rest.

You can scale these heights yourself when Insurmountable is released on April 29.

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