Eviscerate enemies with scythes and diseases in Thymesia

Like the grim reaper, the plague doctor has become symbolic of death and disease, and in many games, the mere sight of one instinctively drives a sense of dread in the player.

What’s more is that during the height of the bubonic plague, many plague doctors employed by the cities weren’t trained medical professionals, with some even peddling false cures at a steeper rate. Did you know that they also stuffed herbs down their beaks, and also poked at plague victims with a long stick? How dandy.

So when I saw the announcement trailer to Thymesia, an action RPG featuring a mysterious assailant in a plague doctor mask, I was immediately intrigued. The macabre costume of the plague doctor is already extremely death metal, but this character also purportedly wields deadly diseases–and an arsenal of hefty melee weapons–to eviscerate their enemies. It’s immensely fascinating, and I would like to think that there will be some deeper, more conceptual ties to the role plague doctors played in the Black Death.

Meanwhile, combat looks extremely intense and crisp, like that of its biggest influence–we all know what that is, really–with the plague doctor conjuring up massive scythes and greatswords to sever foes into neat halves. The VIctorian Gothic-ish backdrop also suggests that Thymesia is set in the plague-ridden Middle Ages as well, so expect a lot of close quarter combat in castles and a menagerie of demons. 

Yes, Thymesia is definitely a soulslike, but perhaps it’ll also be one that’s as ornate as its chief inspiration. The game is not set to arrive on PC until later this year, but with enough luck, we can all get our grubby hands on this game then, while hoping for yet another glimpse of Elden Ring.