Soup Pot

Cook Filipino dishes and Asian cuisine in Soup Pot

I know close to nothing about cooking, but what I do know is that Asian dishes are some of the toughest dishes to whip up. This is, unfortunately, exacerbated by the ambiguity of the family recipes passed down by our elders. Take for instance my partner’s grandmother, who would often impart to her the secrets of their mouth-watering traditional Malay dishes by vaguely gesturing at the amount of seasoning required.

“Uh, just put a bit of salt.”

“How much is a bit?”

“You see the spoon? You just take a bit. You have to go by your feelings.”

Grandmas are rad, but I’m hoping that cooking in Soup Pot, an upcoming game by a Manilla studio about cooking Philippines, Korean and Japanese dishes, as well as other Southeast Asian cuisine, doesn’t dabble in such vague measurements. That said, the game has a focus on creativity though, which means that budding chefs are encouraged to experiment with their recipes. You’ll also get to play with your food, an antic which will surely invite extremely dour stares from my mother, if I ever attempted to cook in front of her. There’s also a live-streaming component to your cooking, which adds an element of performance to the entire experience. Cook well and invite cheers on Cookbook, the in-game social media platform. Burn your dish to a foul-looking crisp, and your viewers probably won’t be too impressed.

These may sound a tad stressful and hectic, but Soup Pot promises that players do not have to worry about the pressures of cooking. Which is great, because I would love to see myself succeeding in making the same sort of traditional dishes my grandmother used to make without burning the kitchen down.

Find out what’s cooking in Soup Pot’s Steam page.