Penko Park Is The Spooky Pokémon Snap Of Your Dreams

Something about taking photos of impossible creatures is inherently glorious. There’s a feeling of intrigue and wonder that comes about from not attacking or controlling wildlife, but just witnessing it, and seeing it living its life. It’s the same in the real world too, and it’s one of the reasons there are so many people who love bird-watching, or going into the woods to see peculiar bugs. It’s also the reason why Pokémon Snap is so damn enjoyable. It’s nice to just enjoy wild creatures, instead of ruining their lives by hunting them or making them fight other creatures to the death.

The trouble is, there aren’t all that many games that take advantage of this singular joy. Not many, but there is one you might not have heard of called Penko Park. Penko Park has you exploring massive maps to try and capture images of their many denizens. You’ll have to look all over the place to be able to lay your eyes, and your camera lens, upon the oddities that await you, and it’s a really relaxing, if occasionally unsettling, game that was released last year.

However, it’s also a game that’s just had an update, which makes this an excellent time to jump into it, especially as, at the time of publishing, it’s on sale on Steam too. So, if you’re looking to play a different kind of game, have a look at Penko Park and maybe explore the new Shivering Crypt, you won’t regret it.