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SkateBIRD Is Finally Coming Out This Week

It’s been a long time coming but we’re finally living in the same week that SkateBIRD comes out, and that can literally only be a good thing. Just in case you’ve somehow not heard of it, SkateBIRD is the one true spiritual successor to the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater franchise. Well, maybe not the one true one, but it’s definitely the kind of skating game that’ll scratch an itch for fans of the series.

SkateBIRD has you playing as, and this’ll come as a shock, little birds who skateboard. Normally, you’d be hanging out with your own, or your Big Friend, but they’ve been sucked into the horrible world of capitalism, so they’re working a job they hate, and they don’t really have the energy or time to give you the attention you deserve. The good news though, is that you’re going to do everything you can to fix that, because you’re just the coolest little bird around.

So, you’ve taken it upon yourself to try and cheer up your big friend, so you’re going to set up your own skate parks for little birds, and the more you skate, and the better you do, the more little birds will come along to your skate parks, and then you can all team up to make your Big Friend happy, hopefully. It’s a really cute concept, and you can even dress up the birds in adorable outfits, find new music dotted around the world, and even use your own music if you want. SkateBIRD is finally out this week on the 16th, so wishlist that bad boy and get ready.