Rogue Spirit

Rogue Spirit Is An Otherworldly Roguelike Batman: Arkham Asylum

Something I’ve recently come across in roguelikes is a cool trend where you possess the bodies of your enemies. I say trend, since I only initially found it in a game called MidBoss, which uses the mechanic to allow you to take control of enemies, master their skills, and then mix and match different forms to create a powerhouse of your choosing. Rogue Spirit is the latest game to use this mechanic, and while it’s a little simpler, it’s also a little more action-orientated. 

Rogue Spirit has only just hit Early Access, but it’s already one to watch/play, ideally play, but it’s up to you. You play as, and I quote, “the Ghost of the Prince of the Kingdom of Midra,” and your job is to try and fight off the enemies invading your lands and protect your village. You do this by hopping into the corpses of your defeated foes, and in doing so, you gain their abilities. Each character has a basic attack and and a special attack unique to them, but they can all use the same parrying system, which basically has you hitting the button as the red ! above their head appears to stop them bonking you. It feels like a cutesy Arkham Asylum, and it’s entertaining stuff. 

You can also gain new special abilities like the ability to plop down shields and land mines. These can be used no matter what body you’re in, and add in another extra layer to things. Plus, you can switch between your ghostly form and your physical one at will, which allows you to sneak up on some enemies if they look troublesome. It all feels quite slick, and it’s punishingly difficult and horrifically unforgiving, but hey, some people like that in a game, so maybe you should check it out.