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Severed Steel Review

Blown away, literally

Severed Steel is one of those games that starts off feeling like a power fantasy, wall-runs straight into being an exercise in being stressed and terrified, and then slides across the floor back into more power fantasies. It’s a game that absolutely demands that you get on its level, and until you embrace the carnage you’re capable of, it’ll beat you around the face until you’re black and blue.

The set-up is simple, you’ve got stuff to do, people want to shoot at you, and your main aim is to shoot them first. It might be more nuanced than that, but that’s basically all you need to know. You start off with each level being a tutorial in a different set of mechanics, but as soon as the game introduces enemies into the mix, you’ll have to fight for your life at every given moment.

Thankfully for you, you’re not just a normal person, you’re an unstoppable wall-running, floor-siding, bullet-timing badass whose only purpose in life is to kill people and look as cool as possible while doing so. Looking cool isn’t just for general bragging rights either, the cooler you look, the harder you are to hit, so it’s in your best interests to be running from wall to wall nonstop while taking out enemies in your path.

I’ll take that

What’s really interesting about Severed Steel, or at least the thing I’m going to write about in this moment, is that you don’t reload in the game, not really. Instead, your aim is to flow through the battlefield using the weapons you find on the floor, on the enemies, or wherever else they end up, to obliterate your foes. When they’re out of ammo, don’t fret, just throw them at someone and pick up something else to deal death with.

Of course, you can always choose to not shoot at people if you’d rather, and just dive kick them instead, sending them flying throw things, or sending things flying into them. You can find loads of different ways around each level too, because you can break through nearly everything you see.

In the early game, it takes a little bit of time to shoot your way through a reinforced door, but it is possible, but after a few levels you’ll find something that’ll add whole new layers to how you can play.

It’s the door-be-gone

Alongside the weapons you find on enemies, you do get one of your own. It’s basically a gigantic arm cannon, and it shows off the fact that most of the scenery is completely destroyable. This means that if the objective is on the other side of a couple of walls, you can just get rid of the walls.

It all ties in nicely to the free-flowing nature of the game. You’re not meant to be restricted by anything, you’re meant to be a wrecking ball in human form, and as you’re moving through the beautiful levels of Severed Steel you’ll become all the more adept at dealing death and removing problems.

It’s all genuinely a lot of fun. I do think there’s probably a little too much challenge for some people, and the short campaign won’t keep everyone’s attention, but for those who like to look cool and seek high scores, Severed Steel is going to be as hard to resist as an arm cannon through a flimsy window.