Kaiju Wars Is Into The Breach With Giant Monsters

Have you ever wondered if humanity would actually survive against a kaiju attack? There are plenty of films where we do, despite the odds stacked against us, defeat such creatures, but it always feels rather impossible. The idea that we could actually stand up against creatures formed of nuclear reactions, or those who are alien in nature, is really rather absurd. It’s a fascinating thought experiment though, and it’s one that sits at the centre of Kaiju Wars.

Kaiju Wars isn’t out properly until next year, but you can mess around with a demo of it right now. You take control of the mayor of a place called Floatio city, and your aim is to hold off the overwhelming might of a Kaiju attack. Nobody’s expecting you to win, not at all, but you have been tasked with trying to slow it down. That means building specifically to distract the creature, and putting tanks and planes in its path just to try and have it stagger, at the very least.

You literally can’t defeat these absurd beasts, but you can try and keep them at bay for long enough to maybe deter them. That’s the aim here, not victory, because that’s impossible, but survival. It’s a really cool take on this style of game, and while you can use your brains to stay one step ahead of these huge creatures, they mutate as they’re fighting you, which means you’ll have to try and predict the impossible along with the more predictable actions of these creatures. It’s incredibly cool, so go and check it out.