Before Your Eyes Is A GOTY Contender, Play It!

It’s been an undoubtedly outstanding and exceptionally busy year for gaming, but nowhere is this truer than the indiesphere. It’s been almost entirely impossible to keep up with thanks to the sheer quality and quantity of them, and it means that a lot of games have probably slipped under your radar too. One such game is likely to be Before Your Eyes, which has just come to Mac having been on PC for a few months.

It’s a hard game to discuss without spoiling things, so apologies for being a little vague here. Before Your Eyes has you riding aboard a boat on the way to the afterlife, on your way there, you get to tell your story. As you speak to the Ferryman of the highs and lows of your existence, you control your way through the game not with a controller or your mouse, but your eyes. You see, to properly play Before Your Eyes, you’re going to need a webcam. It’s not essential, but it definitely makes the experience even more poignant.

The graphical style is cute, the story is heart-breaking, and the experience itself is unlike anything I’ve ever played. The constant pressure not to blink at key moments is only increased by the inevitable tears in your eyes. I actually played this on stream without knowing what it was, and my viewers were just as affected by the end of the game as I was. I can’t say I recommend playing the game like that, but if you pass up on this then you’re missing out on one of the best games of the last few years.