Witchtastic Adds Sugar And Spice To Overcooked

Overcooked absolutely started something when it was released back in 2016. It ignited a fire under both gamers and game developers that has brought new life to couch co-op games designed to have people panicking under pressure. Thanks to it, we’ve seen games inspired by it that handle moving house and plenty of other things, but Witchtastic may well be the first time we’ve seen the formula given a slightly more magical feel.

Witchtastic tasks you and up to three other players to brew and deliver magical potions as fast as you can. You can play online or in person, so you should always be able to find a full squad. You’ll have to gather a variety of different ingredients to make these concoctions, and then use the correct processes for brewing them. Naturally, this is all too much for a single witch, so the key here is to work together. Of course, that’ll also likely be the thing that has you all shouting at each other, but if you’ve played a game like this before, then you already know what you’re getting into.

Along with playing with friends, you can actually play a single-player campaign to try and improve your own skills and get more used to the systems. You can also learn to ride a broom around levels to avoid obstacles and become even witchier as you improve. Plus, you can unlock cosmetics to have your witch looking as stylish as possible. The full game is releasing on October 26th on Steam, but you can check it out right now if you don’t mind jumping into the Early Access period.