You Should Play Going Under

There are a lot of great games about the failings of capitalism. That’s a good thing too, because it’s just about all anybody can really do to protest capitalism, because you can’t really escape it. One of the best games about this also happens to be an incredibly good satirical roguelike called Going Under. Going Under is about what happens when tech start-ups fail. Well, it’s probably not completely true to life, but it does feel weirdly real.

You take control of an intern in a building that happens to exist above a bunch of dungeons that used to be tech start-ups. Your unpaid, of course, and you end up being tasked with going into these dungeons and clearing them out. Naturally, you’re also not given weapons, so you have to use whatever office supplies you find lying around. Sometimes these are simple brooms, as you’d expect, but sometimes these are also little cars that explode after you’ve been driving them for a while. It’s absurd, basically.

It’s also a huge amount of fun. While it doesn’t have the same diversity of dungeons as a lot of roguelikes out there, the general aesthetic of the game is incredibly strong. The combat’s fun to as you have to balance constantly breaking weapons, awesome passive upgrades, and some fairly challenging bosses to succeed. If you’re looking for a way to fight back against the absurdity of tech companies then maybe try it out. You don’t have to, of course, but we really do think it’s good. In fact, read our review first, then play it.