Tunche Finally Has A Release Date

You might not have heard of Tunche, but we’re here to change that. Tunche is a stunning-looking action game where you take control of one of the multiple different characters in order to try and restore peace in the Amazon rainforest. It’s a nice concept, and the artwork is going to be a huge draw for a lot of people, but we think it’s the gameplay that’s going to draw people in.

At its core, Tunch is a beat ’em up of sorts, that has you controlling your chosen character to beat the stuffing out of whatever ends up standing in your way. There looks to be a heavy focus on combos here, with the ranking system rewarding you for hitting as many times as possible, though we’re also hoping it’ll reward you for being stylish too. Each character brings their own moves and feel too. Plus, it can all be played in three-player local co-op. We’re a bit sad it’s not online as well, but maybe it will in the future? Remote play should work anyway, right?

Oh, the whole point of this wasn’t to talk about how good it looks or how cool it seems to be, but to say it’s finally got a release date. Tunche will be releasing on November 2nd, which is tomorrow, so you really don’t have long to wait at all. Maybe practice doing some push-ups in the meantime to prepare those muscles for the button-mashing you’ll need to survive and get a good score too?