Defend The Rook Is Chess Meets Tower Defense

Roguelikes are good, and chess is also good, so a game that takes inspiration from both can only ever be good, right? Well, yes, as it turns out. Defend the Rook is a perplexing mix of genres that is a lot of fun to play. It fuses elements of tower defence, strategy game, roguelike, and a touch of chess to create something that’s rather unique.

The basics of the gameplay are that you have four different units to control, and you can move them around to destroy the incoming waves of enemies as they spawn. That’s fairly standard, but the enemies don’t spawn in randomly, but in set places each time. You then take them out using turn-based attacks that can be upgraded or altered as you defeat each wave, and then even more so as you level up your units. It’s not just units that can move though, as we have yet to touch on the tower defence aspects.

You not only get your ragtag bunch of fighters, but also a bunch of towers, traps, and spells to use too. Different towers have different abilities and attack ranges, and the same is true of the various traps and spells you gain access to. Again, many of these can be upgraded as you play too, making you more powerful as you go. The only real objective is making sure your Rook never dies. It’s all a lot of fun, and it’s fairly easy to grasp too, which makes it a good shout for players who might not normally dabble in strategy games.