Deep Rock Galactic Has Introduced A Free Battle Pass

Have you played Deep Rock Galactic? It’s a game all about space Dwarves going around, well, space, and mining things. It features procedurally-generated cave systems on the planets you visit, each of which has you trying to get a specific resource, kill a certain creature, or rescue a bit of machinery. It’s a fun game, and one that’s an absolute must-play if you’re looking for a new co-op adventure, because it basically doesn’t end.

You can even kick off missions by getting obnoxiously drunk. That’s obviously a terrible idea, because you should never operate heavy machinery while drunk on space ale, but hey, it’s an option. Anyway, DRG, which is what we’re calling it from here on out, is introducing something called a Performance Pass. This is effectively a 100 tier battle pass of sorts that’ll let players unlock loads of new things. That’s good, and it’s always nice to support your favourite games by buying a battle pass, especially if you end up sinking hundreds of hours into them.

Except, and this is very odd, this pass is actually going to be free. It launched on November 4th, and we’re really keen to see how it affects things going forwards. Can you imagine other games introducing free battle passes, how many more people would have access to silly dances or absurd goal explosions? We’re keen on the idea, of course, but Deep Rock Galactic is well worth playing even if you’re not excited to check out this new feature.