gravewood high

Gravewood High Makes Schools Scary Again

Honestly, school probably isn’t the best time of your life. We’re not sure who’s circling this weird phrase, or why they’re pushing it, but it’s just not true. Instead, we’re of the opinion that school makes for an excellent horror setting precisely because it’s not a good time for most. Instead, the mix of forced hours, weird schedules, and teaching styles that flat out aren’t fit for all, not to mention the problems that can arise from other students, can all result in a bad time.

Gravewood High is a brand-new horror game that hit Early Access last week, and it’s one that we’re already quite keen on. Basically, it takes place in a school where several students have gone missing, and none of the adults has noticed. It’s fairly classic stuff when it comes to a horror story, because adults often have to be oblivious in order for the stories to work at all.

It all plays out in procedurally environments that change every time you get caught. It means that you have to adjust to a new school, which means you can never just learn the best way to get through it. That’s not all though, the Teacher hunting you also grows and learn too. They develop new abilities the more you play, and they’ll learn your favourite hiding places. It means that you’ll never be comfortable, and if you’re looking to be scared in school, then it’s quite possible that Gravewood High is a game you should be paying attention too.