Wildermyth Is GOTY-Worthy

Some of the best RPGs aren’t the ones where you play as a group of godlike beings, all of whom are destined for greatness. Instead, a lot of the really cool RPGs are about ordinary people rising to the challenge, and only getting through things by the skin of their teeth and the strength of their will. In fact, it’s not just RPGs that benefit when stories are like this, but all stories in general.

Wildermyth is just one such story. It has you controlling a group of villagers as they set out into the world to try and save it. It features a handful of different campaigns, but it also brings the option to just try out randomly generated ones too, which means it has way more replayability than most RPGs. You get to have a say in nearly everything about the game too, from the way the characters are made, what they’re like, and the choices they’ll make as they journey around. It’s a satisfying experience because you feel like you’re in control, but it also makes the characters feel alive thanks to some extraordinary writing.

You might have already read about how much we like Wildermyth because of our review. In fact, maybe you’re playing it and you’ve been using our Wildermyth tips and tricks to help you get through. No matter what though, you should absolutely make sure you check the game out before the end of the year, because it definitely deserves a lot of noise when it comes to game of the year decisions.