Len’s Island Tips And Tricks

While more approachable than other survival games, Len’s Island, developed by flowstudio, still offers more than enough dungeon crawling and base building to satisfy any aspiring explorer. Even so, there’s a lot you can do to have a much smoother time as you build up your island paradise, so here are just a few Len’s Island tips and tricks to keep in mind before you start.

Len’s Island Tips and Tricks

Each of these Len’s Island tips and tricks is meant to help you get to grips with the game. The tutorial will show you a lot of what’s needed, but it can be hard to prioritize things when everything’s in front of you. So, read on and make sure you can give yourself the best chance of survival possible.

There’s a Bed and Tool Chest as soon as you spawn

Once you load onto the island, make sure you take note of the raft next to you; while it may look like a pile of junk, it actually holds two very important features: a bedroll, which you can use to sleep and skip to the next morning, and a tool chest, where you retrieve tools you remove from your hotbar. It may seem obvious, but it’s very easy to run right past it without thinking if you just want to get to exploring.

Smash open every barrel you see.

While you can typically find scrap from inside the game’s dungeons, it’s much safer to exhaust the coastline of any barrels you see, as this is a much safer way to get the scrap you’ll need to craft more advanced tools and furniture, without having to worry about fighting off monsters in a cave. And speaking of which…

Prepare, prepare, prepare, before you enter a dungeon

As exciting as it is to explore the farthest reaches of the island’s caves, it’s very easy to find yourself respawning in your bedroll if you don’t prepare beforehand. Always try to enter with a full or nearly full belly, otherwise your health will cap at about 50%, especially before you can craft a torch and a better weapon. Any coal you find should be treated as an absolute premium until you’re able to farm it inside comfortably, since it can be used to light bonfires that will let you regenerate your health.

Don’t waste gold on resources.

While it may be tempting to drop your early game gold on more uncommon materials like iron shards, it’s best to focus on gathering these inside caves instead of spending gold on them. Though it may seem like a good idea, certain merchants also sell rare weapons, which you’ll want for the game’s tougher enemies you’ll find on the outskirts of the island. And especially don’t spend your gold on anything you can farm relatively easily, like flowers or berries.

Not every path is obvious

One of the best features of Len’s Island is that there is always a new path to explore, if you look hard enough. Sometimes it’s the bridges you’ll need to repair with wood and stone, but more likely, you’ll find sandy shoals near the water edge. While it may seem like a boundary, sometimes you can follow them to lead to a connecting island. The pathing in Len’s is very subtle, but a good rule of thumb is if it looks like a path, whether it’s made of sand or a line of rocks, then it’s probably worth your time to explore that way.

Always go for crits

Enemies in this game do a fair amount of damage, but you can mitigate a lot of it by doing as much damage as you can with a single combo. That means always going for criticals, rather than just holding left click. The timing varies from weapon to weapon, so be sure to warm up with a few practice swings before you go charging forward, it can save you an embarrassing death if you find yourself outmatched.

Set up a berry farm ASAP

Berries are very similar to the bushes you’ll cut down for straw, but can be recognized by lots of blue dotted around the bush. Rather than eat these right away, hold onto them in your pack until you can plant them in a farm. One berry will yield several when they’re ready to be harvested, which you can then plant again for more, and even sell extra stock for a little gold on the side. Until you can afford wheat or other, more expensive crops, a berry farm is a good way to make sure you’ll always have a good supply of food for when you explore those dungeons

Don’t stress out over cave resources

Just like you may have noticed with more trees popping up overnight, resources respawn. If you clear a cave of much of its coal and iron shards, eventually those resources will come back, so don’t worry too much if your cave seems to be short on what you need.

Recycle old ruins

As you explore the island, you’ll come across lots of unfinished houses. While some you’ll need to build upon to complete puzzles(such as adding more stairs to the second floor of a building to reach a treasure chest), a lot of the time, this is free wood or stone for the taking; go into edit mode and tear them to pieces for their materials. You can use these to build your own house to your own preference instead, and gives you more time to explore rather than gather. That’s it for our Len’s Island tips and tricks. Good luck out there.