killer in the cabin

Lie To Your Friends Again In Killer In The Cabin

Among Us really started a trend among groups of friends everywhere, by generally lowering the amount of trust you have in those from the group who can lie a little too well. Maybe they were drama kids when they were younger, or maybe they’re just soulless devils who can’t be trusted and would absolutely sell you up the river if they could. We’re not saying you should oust them from your lives, because that’d be silly, but it’s hard not to feel like that when they killed you first and then lied their way through the rest of the game.

Anyway, the social education and deception genre has soon a huge boost thanks to those strange little beans and the emergency meetings they call, and it means we’ve now got more games like Killer in the Cabin to mess about in. Killer in the Cabin forgoes the cutesy look of some other options in favour of something a little more relatable and realistic.

You play as a group of survivors from a bus crash in some mountains, and your aim is to survive the days you’ll have to wait for help to arrive. That means working together to gather food, water, and find shelter. Unfortunately for those of you who aren’t trying to kill everyone else, one of you is. As survivors, you need to not only live on, but also try and keep as many people alive as possible until help arrives. As the killer, your aim is basically the opposite. You know how these things work now, but the killer has a lot more nuance thanks to the ability to poison, strange sleeping players, or just generally not help when gathering materials.