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The Best Upcoming Games in December

We did it, people! We made it to the end of 2021. We’re not really expecting next year to be especially different when it comes to the real world, but at least we’ve also got good video games. Speaking of which, while December is a touch quieter than most of the year, it’s still managing to cram multiple exciting new games into the first two days of the month. As you no doubt want to know more, here ya go.

Fights in Tight Spaces

Fights in Tight Spaces is an exquisitely made roguelike deckbuilder that has you playing as John Wick. Alright, it’s not specifically Wick, but it could well be. You take control of a dude in a tuxedo who absolutely has to punch, kick, and throw everyone in his way to complete his mission. The game hit Early Access in February, and was immediately worth shouting about, and it’s only gotten better since then. If you’re not excited about the full launch of Fights in Tight Spaces than you’ve clearly not been paying attention.

Fights in Tight Spaces will launch on December 2nd.


The entire list isn’t roguelikes, we promise, but this entry is. ANVIL, or Anvil: Vault Breakers, seemingly depending on where you’re looking, is an isometric roguelike twin-stick shooter. You take control of one of several Breakers, all of which have different unique skills and strengths, and your aim is to liberate galaxies across the universe from monsters or something. It’s absolutely beautiful, and a blast to play too. It’s also co-op, and hitting Game Pass when it launches later this week.

ANVIL is hitting Early Access on December 2nd.

Century: Age of Ashes

Dragons. You know? If you do know, then you’ll be happy to know that Century: Age of Ashes is coming out this week. Century is a free-to-play multiplayer game about flying around on dragons and fighting each other. It’s all arena battles, and it’s meant to be incredibly fast-paced. It looks excellent, undoubtedly, but whether it’ll be great or not depends on how it feels to play, and the monetisation model. That being said, dragons!

Century: Age of Ashes will also be released on December 2nd.

Solar Ash

Solar Ash is the next game from the creators behind Hyper Light Drifter, and that’s probably all most people will need to know. For everyone else, it’s a 3D journey though beautiful environments where you’ll have to platform and battle your way around to live. You’re on a journey of discovery, but what mysteries are you going to uncover along the way? We’ve got no idea, but the main character skates when they run, and that’s sick.

Solar Ash is the final game on this list that’s releasing on December 2nd.

The Gunk

The Gunk, the next game from Thunderful, the genius lot behind the Steam World games, is coming soon. You take control of someone called Rani, who has been tasked with cleaning this big old planet that seems to be overrun with, you guessed it, toxic gunk. You’ll need to fight, and hoover your way through it to try and figure out why it’s there in the first place, and no doubt also get caught up in something far larger and more nefarious along the way.

The Gunk will release on December 16th.