Anvil Is Incredible, And It’s Launching Tomorrow Dec

Do you like looting, shooting, punching, big old space axes, and roguelikes? I do, so it’s no surprise that Anvil‘s got me feeling all excited, but I also think it’s going to be a pretty big hit, hence the fact that you’re now reading this. So, Anvil has you playing as one of several different Vault Breakers, each of which functions as though they’re a different class. That means plenty of cool special abilities, weapons, and strategies are available, which is a great start.

From there, you go out to different galaxies and fight your way through levels, eventually getting through enough to move on to the next one. Combat differs greatly from Vault Breaker to Vault Breaker, but the core of it is that each has the weapon they’re using, three special attacks, and a defensive manoeuvre of some sort. The latter is often either a teleport or a shield, and if you can get the right timing down you can use incredible counter-attacks or dodges.

As you succeed and fail, you level up your account, which allows you to buy new Vault Breakers, get new cosmetics, unlock skills, and just generally become more powerful. Plus, it’s co-op too. My only real issue with the game is that areas seem to have different max player counts. This could be frustrating for those who like to play through a game as a group. Other than that though, Anvil is out tomorrow, and it’s definitely one to watch if you like the sound of it.