fights in tight spaces

Fight In Tight Spaces Is Out Today

Punching people is a lot of fun, digitally. There’s something so satisfying about taking out a group of enemies with your bare hands, and it’s something that’s captured incredibly well in Fights in Tight Spaces. It hit Early Access back in February, and it’s been growing steadily since. It’s already received plenty of cool updates, but the full release promises even more content. Honestly, if you’ve never heard of this game then you’re missing out.

Just in case though, Fights in Tight Spaces has you building a deck of combat moves and then using those to make your way through fights set in small rooms. Everything’s turn-based, so you get time to think about your moves each turn, put them together in impressive combos, and maybe even trick your enemies into beating each other up. It is, quite frankly, an astoundingly satisfying experience, and it’s one that I’ve jumped into regularly this year.

As Tweeted out by one of the people behind the game, the full version will feature over 200 cards, over thirty enemies, and six starter decks. On top of that, there are also two things that they’re not talking about, and some other stuff that they’re also not talking about. I’ve got assumptions about what some of these things could be, but I’m not going to guess in case I’m right. Fights in Tight spaces is a very special game, and it’s one that every lover of card games, roguelikes, and uppercuts should absolutely check out.