You Should Play 30XX

If you like Mega Man but also wish it was a punishingly difficult roguelike game, then you’ve probably already checked out 20XX, and you may well have also already bought into 30XX. 30XX is, much like I’ve already said, basically a roguelike MegaMan game. However, that’s only the initial sell. In reality, the game goes far harder, and is, at least in my opinion, far more interesting than just that idea would suggest.

30XX has two playable characters. One is classic Mega Man, and shoots stuff, and the other is more Proto Man, and stabs stuff. Both characters are vastly different. Ace, the slashy one, can find different weapons as he goes. These offer different attack ranges and special attacks, but he also gains new moves by defeating bosses. Some of these are activated using specific button presses, and it makes him almost feel like a fighting game character a lot of the time. He is my favourite, especially as you can just punch stuff, which is always my method of choice.

Nina, on the other hand, is a little more classic in approach, but only to begin with. As with Ace, you’ll also gain new abilities as you beat bosses, but they tend to affect your main attack. These can also be fused together, so you can smush together the attack that makes your shots faster with one that makes them go through walls, and basically become a bullet hell boss. This approach to the game, along with how much fun it is in co-op, really makes it stand out. I don’t know when it’s releasing in full, but it’s already incredible, so go play it.